I can't find it sold seperately anywhere. Hey and, I saw some people complaining that they'd rather just use a Hitachi or whatever powerful wand toy. Well, I don't have any experience with those, if that means anything. And I always and I mean always use the low setting on sex toys. Whenever I use the high setting I feel like I'm going to die. Januar Von Heidi Fahland - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.

I bought in October , haven't used more then 20 times and just quit working. I was very hesitant to spend this much money on this in the first place but after the great reviews figured it may be worth it. April Von Vaperstylz - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon. It is a very intense instrument. And is a very good warm up for our larger Magic Wand. I am going to have to order some rubber sheets soon!

April Von Tom - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon. And I regret it. This thing is amazing. If you enjoy pleasing your female partner or your a female looking for a great toy, this is it. For the best results I find spreading open and just barely touching the clit seems to be the most intense as the sensation isn't minimized by contact with any other skin it has to go through. Just all to the clit. Also, as with my Hitachis, I try to avoid motor burnout. Basically what this means is after a while it will get warm.

Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen auf Amazon. Januar - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon. I learned by reading the pamphlet that comes with it that the model with the silver switch is the delux model, so I felt good seeing that I had received the correct product. I didn't realize I would be receiving the new purple version because the picture and description on here doesn't indicate that. This is my third eroscillator in ten years. They hold up extremely well.

I had to replace my last one after having it a few years because I packed it in my checked suitcase in a bad spot last week and it ended up cracking the top and the whole unit just sort of fell apart after that. I still have my first one, but it is the cheaper model and doesn't have as much power as the delux. I LOVE this toy. The purple version is actually quite nice, and I think it looks better than the tan version.

It has lots of power, and three power settings. I like that it has a 12 foot cord, so you don't need to worry about batteries. As for noise, it's discrete enough. It's quieter than an or equal to an electric razor. If you live in a full house - Someone might here you in the next room, but if you turn on the tv or some music and are under the covers, they probably wouldn't. August - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.